Navigating Your Life on Purpose

Purpose into Action

Navigating Your Life on Purpose is an 8-module workshop that provides a set of tools designed to help you know yourself better, connect with your deepest “why” and make decisions with greater confidence because they are grounded in who you are - your strengths, skillsets, the things that bring you joy and your awareness of the world around you.

How it Works

Live weekly, 90-minute workshop / discussions via Zoom offer an opportunity to synthesize module concepts and participate in a learning community that support each others’ learning journey. For each module, participants are invited to do 1-2 hours of exercises, reflections and journaling in preparation for the live workshop discussion.

Weekly Roadmap

Week 1 - Defining Success on Your Own Terms: Deconstruct the messages we receive about success and work to define success in ways that align for you.

Week 2 - Exploring Your Narrative: Understand your life events and decisions, taking note of the narrative you've created along the way.

Week3 - Understanding Your Identities and Values: Clarify your values, the core of who you are, and how your identities shape your relationship with the world around you

Week 4 - Identifying Your Strengths, Joys, and Moments of Flow in Your Life: What makes you, you? When are you your best self?

Week 5 - Connecting Yourself to the World Around You: Explore Belonging as a practice and consider views of yourself that might be holding you back.

Week 6 - Envisioning Your Future, Your Why: Explore the components of purpose and connect yourself to the broader impact you want to have

Week 7 - Transforming Purpose Into Action: Design purposeful projects to put your interests and skillsets to work in the world

Week 8 - Prototyping Your Purposeful Life: Reflect on the previous 7 weeks and design a prototype for a purposeful life moving forward, inviting feedback from your peers

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This workshop guides you to reflect on your "best self", your values, strengths, and joys and invites you to live purposefully by finding ways to impact the world around you.

Through his unique coaching method, Alan was the catalyst I needed to codify what gives me purpose and why. What's more, I came away with a set of tools that I continue to use to refine and redefine my purpose and my why as I grow and evolve.

Melissa Studzinski

Merryfield, PBC


Connector, Builder, Spark bringer.