My coaching is a collaborative process that leads to learning, growth and change. Together we commit to the goals you set for yourself and a parallel commitment to promote equity and justice in our communities.

To make this work, I listen carefully to your goals and support you at every step of your journey. We will work together to untangle challenges you encounter, to unlock your best self and to find creative ways forward. I resist the temptation to offer answers, instead standing back as a guide who supports your creativity, innovation and leadership. Much of the support you will receive will come in the form of questions that challenge you to examine your blind spots, challenge your beliefs around limitations, and push you toward learning and growth that feels right for you.

Perhaps the most important factor driving my coaching impact is being fully present in ways that affirm your experience and your journey and help you work through the challenges that you encounter with creativity and resolve. As a full partner in your learning and growth, I remain fully invested in your journey and offer support that is always grounded in your goals and what is important to you.

I love helping leaders realize their vision for a just and equitable future because it leverages the expertise I’ve developed in nearly four decades in the private and social impact sectors, my own best self. My values around equity and justice are deeply rooted in my family’s experience that I’ve come to understand as "ubuntu" which reminds me that my destiny is bound up in yours, just as yours is bound up in mine. I see my coaching as an opportunity to walk alongside you in solidarity with your hopes and aspirations and those of the communities you seek to serve. My holistic approach intentionally blurs the boundaries between personal and professional to help you design your life in a way that reflects your values and purpose.

If you’re interested in reading the origin story - why I do what I do and how I’ve chosen to approach my work as I have - then please read My Commitment to the World … and to you. You might also like to read My Why and How Toward Black Lives Matter where I share the journey that helped me orient my coaching toward leaders navigating the impact of racism in their lives, their careers, and their communities.

To assure that I am able to serve the people who need my support most, I’ve adopted an Equity Pricing policy that invites you to participate in setting a price for my services that balances affordability and value. And when we finish working together, I will donate 18% (Chai) of the fees you've paid to a charity that we select together.

Please schedule a no-cost consultation where we will get to know each other and begin to identify the goals that you’d like to accomplish through our work together.

Every conversation he facilitates prioritizes exploring deeper meanings and underlying beliefs allowing me to bring greater creativity to my work and leadership.

Carlon Howard

Equity Institute

Chief Impact Officer

Learner, Ambassador, Changemaker

Generation Citizen would not be what it is today, and I would not be the leader I am today, had Alan not listened to my idea and passion, and believed deeply in my ability to make a difference.

Scott Warren

Generation Citizen


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